Monday, March 21, 2011 of consciousness.

Gotta keep running.  Gotta keep moving.  Does this make me an animal?  Is that a bad thing?  Do we have roles to play in this world?  Roles to keep the paradigm preserved...roles to keep us happy.  Am I selfish?  Am I evil?  Am I completely unaware of myself? 

Do I want to see you, because I think it will give me some sense of closure, some deep sense of feeling, or maybe I need to see death, need to see it to believe it?  It's never seemed real to me.  Barriers of air are all that's between us.  If you knew.  I will redeem myself.  I'll die a martyr just to serve a purpose.  We can't help but be dramatic, can we? 

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I felt the need to start a new blog.  This happens from time to time.  Sometimes I just like to experiment with blogging platforms.  I also feel inspired by other bloggers, to go in new directions, and develop a more prolific voice.  Basically, this is my way of practicing writing for an audience, because I think I need to get better at that.  But it's also a way of starting something new and a little different, to keep it intersting for both you and me. 

I'm trying to write a book right now.  I don't work on it everyday, but I try to work on it a couple of times a week.  It's fantasy/sci-fi and goodness if it's not already so much work!  I've been writing bits and pieces of it at a time, trying to keep notes along the way.  I'm trying to let the story tell itself to me and trying to imagine it as being a real living thing.  As corny as that sounds, it's really helping me to remember to respect what I am doing, and stay true.  And that's sort of what this blog is and will be about.